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PK-12 Science Curriculum Committee

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Mission: (transfer goal) Why we exist, what is the core of our business, why engage in science education in University City?

Science instruction and learning that leads 21st century career ready citizens with the confidence, ability, and inclination to continue learning about issues, scientific and otherwise, that affect their lives and communities.


Vision: What do we strive to be? What are we becoming? The purpose of crafting a vision is to develop and maintain creative tension, to acknowledge the difference between our current state and our desired state and provide the direction and energy for continuous improvement.

We will provide an environment where students are engaged in acquiring and applying scientific knowledge to unique situations, as well as have the ability to think and reason scientifically. 


  • Collaborative work with their peers

  • Applying science to authentic performance tasks 

  • Problem solving and inquiry on a regular basis, imbedded in the 5E Instructional Model 

  • Scientific discourse, using scientific language

  • Reading and writing authentic non-fiction texts about science 

  • Verbal and written explanations of their thinking and their answers 

  • Looking for patterns and generating data to develop conclusions and comparing those conclusions to scientific theories and principles


Values: What are our collective commitments? What behaviors do we agree to?

Learning Reimagined (within Science)

We agree and commit to:

  • Humanize: Equitable access to high quality science learning experiences and resources for all students


  • Personalize: Providing high quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM learning) opportunities for students. Students’ learning styles, interests, strengths, and personal experiences are used to drive inquiry learning.  


  • Problematize: Providing opportunities for all students to problems-solve, create, design, debate, advocate, improve, perform and challenge. 


Goals: How will we measure our progress in student achievement?

  • Common assessment results that establish growth during the course of the year, and year over year in the areas of:

  • Formative and Summative Performance Tasks 

  • Pre/Post Assessments

  • Galileo Benchmark Assessments


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