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Preparing for the ACT

The ACT is a college benchmark assessment that measures a student's performance in four key areas: English Language Usage, Reading, Mathematics and Science Reasoning.  The ACT is a cumulative exam, so your child's learning throughout middle and high school will determine their score.

A composite score of 22 is considered the benchmark score for college readiness.  Students with a 19 or higher will gain admission to schools of higher education, but students scoring below a 19 should strive to improve their score.  Both admission to, and financial assistance for, postsecondary institutions often depend upon a student's ACT Score.

Following are some FREE resources to help students prepare for the ACT Exam.  Having a habit of reading is the most impactful way students can ensure a college-ready score.  Students who start early, before Kindergarten, and continue to read at home in every grade level, are more likely to score at the college benchmark.

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